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Bandit Ghost

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This Helmet was initially just a crazy Idea. A german Artist, dedicated to the Streetfighter movement, made the Master piece by sculpting it out of a massive Stone in 1:1 Dimension. We digitized the Master and modified the 3D Data to fit our approved EPS inside. So it is assured that this Helmet is safe and comfortable. Out of the 3D Data we made a multi-Part Mould by milling it in a CNC machine. At the same time we decided to make only 50 pieces of this Helmet. A lot of work and investment for very few Helmets, commercially this could never be a business. We did not care about commercials and realized this outstanding and unique Helmet, quite crazy.

More a piece of Art then a everyday Helmet.

All of the 50 Helmets were sold in 2009 & 2010.

No longer available


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